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  耀世平台编辑报道,Who is “Tao Yuanming” and “Juwairen”? If you don’t know these words, you are out! Recently, Produce 101, a popular talent show in China, has gone viral. One of the trainees in this show, Wang Ju, suddenly gained fame online, getting the most votes in the latest season of the program.

   It seems unpredictable .she has never been a popular competitor since the beginning of the show! But now, more and more fans have seen her unique style and appearance, and this is a trend online, appealing to vote for Wang Ju in the coming seasons .In "Produce101" in the four edition,a girl, Wang Ju laughed at by many net netizens "outdated, black and strong", and the traditional image of women skin –white, beauty ,thin form a strong contrast, which is considered to be the women are not suitable for to do the most extensive.It is undoubted that she is a black horse from 94th to NO.1.But since the fifth episode, wang's reputation appears to have reversed. In his conversation with ma dong, his guest, he not only expressed the confusion about the standards of women's league, but also showed the emotional intelligence of almost an old man. In the next issue, she even blackened amused herself, reproducing her expression package in front of the group members: "hell is empty, wang ju is in earth creation". Many netizens on weibo said they turned to anti-fans. Tao Yuanming's appreciation of chrysanthemum in produce101 is the beginning of wang ju from being laughed to hot. Weibo first chrysanthemum black a few days later became a leading chrysanthemum powder, netizens have spontaneously created catchy jingles for ju , which sung by circle of her fans.

Wang Ju

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