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  耀世平台编辑报道,Recently, Sun Li sent a video on Weibo, in which she herself sang with the singer like an ordinary fan in the audience. Now Jay Chou is singing “I'll send you away, thousands of miles away” on the stage. The fans can all sing together. It was unexpected that Sun Li was also among them. The first hot comment under this Weibo was her own. She said, "My youngest sister went home and sang all the way... I think she would be excited to sleep today." It seems that the two sisters are together When it was a small fan. There are too many people who like Jay Chou, and there are too many people who have a variety of occupations. His songs began to fire from ten years ago twenty years ago, and they are still so hot. They can have so many fans. It is also normal.

   Sun Li is also very cute. In the video, she wears a white T-shirt and a white hat. He wears a light makeup like a very ordinary audience. Everyone knows that if the person on stage is replaced with her, she can have so many The fans cheered and did not know if she was accompanied by her sister or she liked Jay Chou. She saw her performance in the video. She followed the way everyone sang it together. She should also come for herself. I don’t know her fans. How many of them like her like Jay? Sun Wei's Weibo has a lot of content. Usually he will send out some of his own life photos. There are also about the husband and the child, so that the fans can better interact with her. This time too, many fans know Sun Ye for the first time. Is also a small fan, she will also become a little sister. It is no wonder that approachable grandchildren are liked by so many people.


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