Fan Bingbing celebrates birthday

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  耀世平台编辑报道,The celebrity is sometimes very concerned about where to do anything and it is easy to go to the news. Fan Bingbing and his family were photographed in the restaurant on these two days. They were photographed and soon became the latest entertainment news. Although this should be a nuisance to their family, it also proves that stars are highly concerned. Soon everyone knew that the original meal was for his younger brother, Fan Bing, and Fan Bingbing and Mom and Dad gave him a birthday. People would think that a birthday party would have a big party, but it could be a family. It's normal to have a meal. As you can see from the photos, they are just like ordinary families, but the family value seems to be quite high.

   Fan Bingbing is a big star. In fact, her younger brother is also a popular star. Because Idol trainees have achieved good results, they have made their debut as members of the NINE PERCENT group, and they have accumulated a high popularity during the draft. Now they are debuting. It is already a member of the circle, plus her sister Fan Bingbing and her brother-in-law Li Chen. Both of them are influential stars in the circle. With their help Fan Yan must be on the road to career. Go faster and further. On the 15th, Fan Wei also sent a micro-blog and said, "Good-bye seventeen, welcome to eighteen, to be a happy adult." He has high-value and strength, but he does not know what will be unhappy in life. What's the matter? It may be due to competition between peers. Fan Bingbing's family gave his brother a birthday, and he can see that the star is also very real in private.


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