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  耀世平台编辑报道,Some person may have seen Maleficent, today, we are talking about the main character--- Angelina Jolie. She has marital problems in these days. Angelina Jolie is being asked to give her husband Brad Pitt more access to their kids amid the ongoing divorce negotiations. Jolie, age 43, who has custody of their six children, has been told by a judge that she must let Pitt see the kids regularly while she acts Maleficent 2 in this summer. For kids, not having a relationship with their father' would be 'harmful' to them.

   However, the kids are safe with their father Pitt and that it's critical each of the kids have a healthy and strong relationship with both parents. Eldest child Maddox however will be able to choose how much time he wants with each parent because of his age. Jolie and Pitt were ordered to go through a summer schedule over the phone with their children he will get the children for 10 hours a day from June 27 to July 1 and then from July 8 to 14 for four hours a day. If Jolie fails to comply to the new terms then she will risk losing custody. The couple have been trapped in divorce negotiations for months with visitation for Pitt causing the most tension. He was not satisfied with his kids being away for months. In fact, the harmony of the whole family is important, the raise of kids do not separate from parent. And this is where it is best for them to be.

  Angelina Jolie

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