Ji denies cheating leads to breakups

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  耀世平台编辑报道,Ling duan is a real sichuan doll. When it comes to ling duan, you will also think of qing zi. This couple, who has the cutest height and the shortest height, goes on variety shows together and often posts micro blogs to show their love and affection, which is really sweet. And they both posted micro blog posts in 2015 saying they were together. Sister kan has been filming since 2009. She has played various characters, including costume dramas, republic dramas and modern dramas. There are small characters and there are leading ladies. However, ji, who was born as a model, has no details on how the two got together.

   There are also some people on the Internet who say that ling duan is the second generation of high wealth, high class and rich people. The height is obvious to all. However, it was revealed that the two lovers broke up and said Mr. Ji was unfaithful. Breaking up is acceptable to fans, but cheating is not tolerated. The split is not public because the two are under contract. It was revealed that it was model wang yi who was the winner of a talent show. I've been to Victoria's secret. But the more surprising revelation was that two people were caught in bed. Personal expression of brother ling duan is entertainment news to understand good do not take seriously and wish everyone a happy Sunday. Prior to that, ling used his studio's weibo account to retort that ji had no time to cheat and had been busy in the studio recently. But to deny cheating and not explain the breakup at all makes one think twice.


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