Brown says it's about domestic violence

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  耀世平台编辑报道,Today we're looking at a dead man, Whitney Houston. American stars, singers, actors, filmmakers, and models are all talents. Houston was a model who appeared in commercials and magazines in the early 1980s. When he was 16, he appeared on a famous cover as a black model, which broke the white dominated situation at that time. Married to singer bobby brown in 1992, he gradually disappeared into public life. She gave birth to a daughter. She was lured into taking drugs by her husband and was treated several times. Houston has also set up a foundation to work with the President of South Africa to help children in need. Whitney and Michael Jackson were among the first to break into the hall of fame. But they divorced brown in 2006.

   This time brown was visited by a television station in Houston, where he left the world six years ago. Remember to ask him if it would be strange to be here. It is an experience to show that you are not afraid of scandal, and that you will inevitably have the wrong things on your way to success. He said people didn't understand him, it was all a slander against him, and he was going to come forward and speak about his experience with Whitney, and everything that happened to them was made into a documentary. In the face of alleged domestic violence on the Internet, brown denied that he had made a mistake about the police phone records and the scars on Whitney's face. But he himself once confessed to beating his wife and said he was usually a man who did it. Both of them are very talented and both of them are highly regarded. After they get together, their marriage becomes more and more popular.


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