Women in the crown expose unfair pay

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  耀世平台编辑报道,It is well known that there are dark ACTS in the entertainment circle, and it can even be said that there is no such thing as entertainment circle without dark ACTS. But in recent days, there has been a furore over Claire foy's underpaid performance compared to other actors. When it comes to this, a lot of people have commented on weibo. Isn't it normal for an actor to be paid less than others? So here small make up to explain the reason, anyone who asked the question, must be a little too much on the British drama, Claire foy is a British drama recently hit "the queen," for the female one, in addition to her full down is the hero of the scenes most, according to the common sense, she's paid should be higher than any one person, but the reality is not the case, she not only high paid, even is lower than other actor in many. This is obviously not a normal phenomenon, and it has to be suspected of the dark scenes behind the cast.

   Fans have been great to hear that, is not only the fans, even feminist stir up, collective claims to cast to a claim, pay for the unfair shady, maybe they have gone too far to known, the voice of the resistance is too big, recently, the cast and finally to respond to the matter, equal treatment. Since there is no intention to apologize for their actions, fans and feminists are not buying it and want to find out and carry out the rebellion. This big battle also scared domestic net friends a jump, said one after another: the original foreign entertainment circle is not as good as expected.

 Claire foy

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