The modeling of Rocket Girl 101

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  耀世平台编辑报道,Rocket Girl 101 since the formation of a group of resources, out of the new tune, on the group, fashion blockbuster constantly! Today out of a group of "Jiaren" fashion blockbusters, let's see if this group of retro aesthetic brings you a surprise?Meng Meiqi, eyebrows and bangs plus retro earrings, hegemonic and capable, but also with a silk sweet. It is a constant breakthrough.Hainan Wu Xuanyi declaration, overhead explosion roll, red lips enchanting, completely staring at the value of the face! The style is very flax beans! Sunnee is still a handsome line, cool fried!

   Murakami Yang looks like a European court lady beyond this age. His eyebrows are not very beautiful. The shape gives me the feeling of Shakespeare. See Fu Jing a little enchanting really too good-looking, stiff as I most convinced her! Don't look so good! If you don't sing and dance, you'll be an excellent bean! Captain Yamy shape I am the most convinced, I have a limited vocabulary , not a good description of such a senior face! The eyebrows are split!Maybe a little ugly,hahaha.

 wu xuanyi

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