Morgan was sexually harassed

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  耀世平台编辑报道,According to foreign media reports, Hollywood gold actress Morgan Freeman has recently been exposed to sexual harassment of actresses, and more than one person has stood out to accuse Morgan and Freeman, a 8 woman, which has also caused great concern. Many netizens have said that the respected old artist should be late. Did you? According to media reports, Morgan Freeman was accused of sexual harassment by 8 women, one of which said Morgan Freeman touched her waist while filming the film "three old gunmen" and tried to lift her skirt, while other inappropriate actions included staring at the woman's chest and massaging one.

   On the shoulder of an intern, inquiring about a woman's feeling of sexual harassment, asking a woman to circle her, and so on, the news started a huge controversy. Many people were waiting for Morgan Freeman's response, and at a later time, Morgan and Freeman responded to the news that they were absolutely not. Italy. Morgan Freeman made a statement, "know me or the people I've worked with know that I'm not an offending or informed person who makes others feel uncomfortable, and if anyone feels uncomfortable or unrespected, I apologize, I'm absolutely not interested." Morgan Freeman, a famous American actor director and famous artist in Hollywood, has played many excellent films, including "the black prison storm", "Miss Daisy driving", "Shawshank Redemption", "millions of dollars baby" and so on, and has got Oscar's best supporting actor. He also won the Academy's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010, a favorite American actor who has been exposed to sexual harassment scandals.


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