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  耀世平台编辑报道,On the evening of October 2, Stanley Studios, known as the father of Marvel, said that inspired by Gloria Tang's songs, they wanted to build a Chinese superheroine based on it, and that they could name it "Jewel" after a jewel, which eventually passed on from fans. In the poster, Jewel wears leather pants and holds a weapon like a fluorescent stick, and be very similar to Gloria Tang. and officials have yet to reveal the hero's abilities. Until now, the heroine's ability has not been officially announced. Stan Lee studios wrote on social accounts:"All the time, Stan Lee wants to create a super hero in China. On his last trip to China, he met a very talented young girl, Gloria Tang, Her singing power is the perfect blueprint for Stan Lee to create this superhero! Now the master wants everyone to give him a name for the Chinese woman SUPERHERO. If your name is chosen eventually, we will prepare a surprise for you.Then Gloria Tang forwarded and wrote the text: "come and help me to think of a name."

   As soon as the photos were released, netizens began to talk about them. Not only Marvel fans and Gloria Tang’s fans were looking forward to them, but also Gloria Tang herself was looking forward to it. Fans have also written to name the superhero: "Opal, a Chinese translation of Cat's Eye. The cat's eye stone is the queen of gemstones, and Gloria Tang is QUEEN OF HEARTS. Opal and GEM also come from the East. "Amethyst is very valuable and has the word" purple ". "In fact, Gloria Tang’s stage name is gem,which has the meaning of precious stones!" I can't wait to know what the name of this Chinese superheroine will be and when she will meet us in the movies.

  Gloria Tang

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