The death of Dorothy rose

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  耀世平台编辑报道,The sudden death of Dorothy, the lead singer of the Little Red Berry band, on January 15, at the age of 46, has also made many fans feel sorry and sad. The news of Dorothy's death came as a shock to many people. It is also a pity that Dorothy died in her own home, and the cause of her death is temporary. It was not announced.

   Now, eight months later, the British media have made public the cause of Dorothy's death, saying it was a "tragic accident" when Dorothy fell drunk and drowned in the bathtub. It is reported that Dorothy's autopsy report in recent days, according to the autopsy report, confirmed that Dorothy has no obvious wounds, there is no evidence to prove that Dorothy has a tendency to self-mutilation, the real cause of death is because of excessive drinking and drunk in the bathtub drowned, so the coroner also said that this is A "tragic accident". Dorothy joined the Little Red Berry band at the age of 19 and later released Dreams, a popular song that became a classic theme song for many movies and TV shows. Many people were familiar with the song and could sing to the melody. The band later released Linger and Zom. Bie, When You&lsquo, re Gone and other popular songs have been a great success. In recent years, the Little Red Berry band has also started tours in many places, won strong support from fans, the original group is still planning to release new songs and prepare for a new concert, but suddenly came the news of Dorothy's death, so that fans are very sad. It is reported that Dorothy herself suffered from bipolar disorder in 2015, plus the original physical illness, so the need for long-term medication for treatment, which also gives Dorothy is covered with a layer of mystery, but now the police have confirmed that Dorothy's death is a "tragic accident" this matter. Also drew a full stop, fans also expressed hope that idols can rest in peace.


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