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  耀世平台编辑报道,In recent years, Mexico directors have been making frequent efforts in the awarding season, especially on Oscar. In 2014, Alfonso Caron won Best Director, and Caron became the first Mexican director to win the award; in 2015, Arizono Gonzalez Inarito won Best Picture, Best Director, including four awards; and in 2016, Inarito won Best with Wild Hunter Director, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won the best actor; in 2018, Gilmore Del Toro's "Water Tale" won the best film, best director award. A few days ago, Caron's four-year-old film Rome, a popular player in this year's awards season, won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, which has brought him a step closer to the Academy Awards. Whether Caron can continue the very strong record of Mexican directors in recent years to win the Academy Awards is also very popular. People look forward to it.

   Carlos Reygadas These three Mexican directors are not only famous international directors, but also very good friends in private. They are called the "Mexican Sanjie". While appreciating their talents and abilities, Mexico has an equally good director, Carlos Regardas. Representative Works: The World Is Long, War in Paradise, Silent Sunshine, Willow Dark Flowers, Our Time Japon Silent sunshine Liu Ming Hua Ming Compared with other directors, Regardas's works are somewhat weak in narrative, but absolutely good at lens photography, several representative works show his control over the camera. Regardas won three awards at the Cannes Film Festival, his debut film "Heaven and Earth Long" won the Cannes Gold Camera "Special Concern" award, the Cannes Jury Award for Silent Sunshine, and the Cannes Best Director Award for Liuxianhuaming. This year, Regardas also had a new film, "Our Time," but failed to register for the Cannes Film Festival, so he moved to the Venice Film Festival. However, compared with the victory of Alfonso Caron and Rome, the former ended up in Venice. Our time "Our Time" is by far the longest film by Regardas, a full 173 minutes, the style is also very unique. The film, with its wild, natural sounds and rare urban neons in his work, offers a new attempt at style and photography. Watching Regardas'movies is like watching the flow of time again, like watching life, hoping that he can bring more good works to the audience.


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