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  耀世平台编辑报道,Recently, Forbes released the highest-earning list of TV actors in 2018, which is based on statistics from June 2017 to June 2018. The annual income champion is Jim Parsons of Sheldon, who earns $26.5 million a year. This is the champion of the list after last year. With the "The Big Bang Theory" ratings creating myths, the prices of several leading actors have risen. It is said that the original plan of the TV series creation team was to shoot 15 seasons, which was reduced to 12 seasons because the main actors were paid too much. It is understood that several starring actors in the show are among the top earning actors in American TV actors. It is said that in order to retain Jim Parsons, the producers raised his salary to $50 million per season, but it did not impress him.

   In fact, the four actors of "The Big Bang Theory" did not earn as much as they did last year. In order to pay more for the new "Amy" Mayim Bellick and "Bernadette" Melissa Louch, the original permanent directors volunteered to lower their salaries from $1 million to $900,000. But the Big Bang is still the king of kings. The 10th season of "Friends" was a sensation because of the high salaries of the starring actors, and now Jim Parsons'900,000 episode is also a high salary for American opera actors. In addition to film fees, the money for professional scientists and scenery props in each episode is not a small expense. Under such high cost pressures, it is reasonable that "The Big Bang Theory" is not renewed.

 The Big Bang Theory

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