Melanie Brown's Unfortunate Marriage

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  耀世平台编辑报道,Melanie Brown, a member of Spice Girls who ended her second marriage last year with less than 800 pounds and a suitcase full of clothes, has attracted renewed attention recently. In her new book Brutally Honest, she reveals how she has spent the past decade in another unhappy marriage after her first husband "openly abandoned her".

   Melanie Brown, 43, said: "Over the past 20 years, I have earned 80 million pounds." She said that when she met her second husband, Stephen Belafonte, she had a successful career with a house and a loft apartment in Los Angeles, but only $936 was left in the bank when she divorced. When Melanie Brown left her first husband, Eddie Murphy, and returned to England, she was pregnant with their second child. "I love Eddie crazily, but I lost him," she confessed. As an independent single mother, she did not know her banking situation and could not make a choice. At that time, she was not very close to her family and friends. She called her first husband a "lifelong love" and her second husband a "beast". Melanie Brown is a little childish in private, and her enthusiasm can infect people around her. In front of the camera, she dresses up carefully, but in private, she likes to wear sportswear or nightgowns. She is not terrible at all, but has a pleasant charm of ease. When Melanie Brown made no secret of her painful but expressive experience, she believed that it would draw a line between her past painful days. She said, "Whether good or bad, beautiful or ugly, I have to expose these levels and tell the true story. You can judge me or try to understand me.

  Manie Brown

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