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  耀世平台编辑报道,Since Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse composite, two people have been very low-key, implicated for so many years, two people still choose to return to the starting point of love, but Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse two people together, many people for Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse two of them have a lot of resentment, in the face of too much gossip, in public has always been low-key. And it's also beyond the vigorous age of that year. After Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong are together, the career development seems to be getting better and better. The number of appearances is increasing, but people's attention to them is constantly increasing. Just a few days ago, Nicholas Tse appeared in the live broadcast room, dressed in casual clothes, which made him full of vitality. Although he is very old now, somehow, his appearance has a juvenile sense. In the live broadcast, Nicholas Tse inadvertently sprinkled dog food.

   In the live broadcast room, the hairband on Nicholas Tse's neck was once carried by Faye Wong, and it's really strange that such an object appeared on Nicholas Tse. And just a few days ago, Xiao Jingteng and Nicholas Tse took part in the variety show as guests. In the program, Xiao Jingteng was very bad. Do you know what fruit sister Fei likes best? And also gave a wrong answer, Xiao Jingteng is sure that Wang Fei likes durian. However, as soon as Nicholas Tse heard it, he retorted that it was impossible that she would not eat durian. It seems that Wang Fei likes to eat what Nicholas Tse is very clear. Although there are many disputes after the two people are together, the level of love between them is quite high now. I believe these two people will cherish the next days.

 Xie Tingfeng

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