Yu Shuxin's performance, too cute

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  耀世平台编辑报道,Yu Shuxin has been very popular recently. In "youth has you 2", the performance has always been concerned by everyone. And in this variety show, many people think that Yu Shuxin will be able to come to the end. After all, before participating in the variety show, Yu Shuxin has a certain fan base, and after participating in the variety show, many people are more interested in Yu Shuxin Good points. Yu Shuxin's performance on the stage several times ago, although it can't satisfy many people, but in this variety show, Yu Shuxin has paid a lot, and the little girl's character is liked. Although Yu Shuxin was assigned to the first class in the first two public performances, in the latest program, Yu Shuxin stayed by her first vote, and in the latest program, Yu Shuxin's performance surprised everyone.

   In the latest stage performance, Yu Shuxin is more dazzling than other trainees. To say that Yu Shuxin can play so well is entirely because this music is more in line with Yu Shuxin's character. In the latest Yu Shuxin finger shooting, you can see that in order to get a good result in this stage performance, the little girl has worked hard, wearing a blue coat with a pair of ponytail and white shorts, Yu Shuxin has become green Spring is beautiful. How many people like this Yu Shuxin? It's not only hard work but also very positive. No wonder everyone has such high expectations for her. But if the little girl wants to get more knowledge, she still needs to continue to work hard.

 Yu Shuxin

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