Zhang Yuqi's abdomen bulge,calm down

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  耀世平台编辑报道,Now, because of the epidemic, many stars stay at home and don't have many jobs. After all, safety is the most important thing in this period. But this does not affect the interaction between fans and stars, although it is not able to meet you in film and television works. But the stars can bring more joy to us through live broadcasting. Recently, Zhang Yuqi also appeared in his own studio. In the studio, Zhang Yuqi wore a very cool, black suspender top. It seems very casual, but many people find a problem, that is, Zhang Yuqi's stomach is very prominent, which also makes many people focus on Zhang Yuqi's stomach. In recent years, we are still very sensitive to star pregnancy, but again and again Wulong incident.

   Let's start to have a new view on the little bulge of stars. Many people see Zhang Yuqi's little bulge. The first thought is not that Zhang Yuqi is pregnant, but that Zhang Yuqi eats too much meat during this super long holiday. In fact, in recent years, Zhang Yuqi has not brought many works to you. Many people have focused on her emotional problems, not to mention the ups and downs of Zhang Yuqi's emotional problems in recent years. The fans are also frightened. In any case, we still hope that Zhang Yuqi can find his own happy life and live a more and more beautiful life. I wonder if you will always pay attention to the dynamic of Zhang Yuqi?

 Zhang Yuqi

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