Li Jingjing responded ,she didn't cheat

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  耀世平台编辑报道,Stars in daily life always have a variety of twists and turns, I don't know if you remember that always love to play rural women's Li Jingjing. Although Li Jingjing is very popular in the entertainment circle, there are many people like her. But for some special reasons, Li Jingjing is far away from the entertainment circle. Now, Li Jingjing has rarely come out to play some works for everyone. But it doesn't affect people's love for her. It's because of the trust of many people. So when Li Jingjing propagandized the chain milk tea shop, many people joined out of trust, but recently there were problems in the event of Li Jingjing joining milk tea. Many fans have exposed Li Jingjing as a liar. And they didn't deliver goods to these franchisees or pay the factory.

   After this incident was exposed, fans have been waiting for a response from Li Jingjing. In recent days, Li Jingjing responded to this incident in her own live broadcast. Li Jingjing said that she didn't cheat you at all, but the money collected before couldn't be returned to you. The main reason is that her account hasn't been checked. During the live broadcast, Li Jingjing also replied to the story of Li Jingjing's boyfriend's cheating that had been spread on the Internet before. It's necessary to know that Li Jingjing and her boyfriend are much different. Li Jingjing after the 70s found a boyfriend after the 90s, which will inevitably make everyone pay attention to them. However, Li Jingjing said during the live broadcast that her boyfriend had not cheated, which also reassured everyone. Because of the pressure of public opinion during this period, Li Jingjing's pressure is also very large. In the live studio, Li Jingjing even cried out. Don't you know that everyone agrees with Li Jingjing's explanation?

 Li Jingjing

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