Li Chen loses the lawsuit,appeal

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  耀世平台编辑报道,It must be Li Chen's business to say that something important has happened in the entertainment circle recently. In recent days, Li Chen's lawsuit has come to an end. However, in this lawsuit, Li Chen did not win the final victory, but was rejected by the court. In fact, Li Chen is suing some people who used to insult themselves with bad words on social platforms. To say that there are still many lawsuits like this in the entertainment circle, and there are few cases of losing. However, it's a surprise to everyone that such a case happened. And Li Chen didn't hide this matter, but shared it with everyone in her microblog, and said that she would appeal and pursue this matter to the end. Li Chen has been developing well in the entertainment industry in recent years, but his popularity has also brought him a lot of troubles.

   Many people in the entertainment circle know that anyone with a little fame will have black powder. The influence of these people on the stars is still very big, and Li Chen is one of them. After all, there are so many insults to the stars in recent years. Many people take the meaning out of context and seize the stars' pigtails to enlarge them infinitely. But for this matter, Li Chen didn't choose to endure, but collected some evidence to take these people to court. Although many people are talking about Li Chen's behavior, it's a little too excited. But people like Li Chen who can stand up and protect themselves are the most needed people in the entertainment circle. I don't know that people do this to Li Chen What's your opinion?

 Li Chen

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