Chen xiaohuan looks like Hepburn as she walks on the red carpet

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  耀世平台编辑报道,Recently, Chen xiaoyao's red carpet dress has become a hot search. From the photos, we can see that Chen Xiaoyao is wearing a black velvet dress and white pearl embellished, looks elegant and stunning, while the casual and clever ball hair, so that Chen Xiaoyao's overall image has become witty. However, careful netizens found that Chen xiaohuan's dress is still reflected in Audrey Hepburn, and even a little deliberately imitate Hepburn's feeling, is simply a modern version of Audrey Hepburn. However, Chen xiaoyun, who is beautiful both in figure and face, appeared to cover herself while walking on the red carpet, which caused netizens to joke: "Now that we are dressed like this, don't treat us as outsiders any more?" "Either dress conservatively or show generously, so it looks a bit deliberate."

   For small Yun Chen, as it were, on the same day on the red carpet, many netizens are felt throughout in the wu wear the chest small Yun Chen, pattern is small, after all, the audience will not be staring at her in front of the vulgar, but was dressed in a very can show the figure black dress, but also wu wear, isn't this a shattered glass? It doesn't look too good either. But one yard goes by one yard, Chen xiaoyun on the red carpet is really able to grasp the Angle of the camera, it is 360 degrees in a circle, all the time to show the camera to show the most beautiful themselves, if you can take your hand away, that must be the most eye-catching female star on the red carpet. It seems that Chen Xiaohuan is very confident about her beauty, and can face the camera to show everything. If she can do more business, it is not our audience that has the pleasure of seeing?

 Chen xiaoyun

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