Michelle Chen has responded to the question: Is Chen Xiao An Ultraman?

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  耀世平台编辑报道,Do you still remember Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen in the Return of the Condor Heroes? Michelle Chen has been criticized for her portrayal of michelle Chen as she looks like she has two chicken legs on her head. She has been the target of criticism since the show aired. However, Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen have officially been together thanks to the show, and their wedding ceremony took place soon after, featuring a full-featured veil kiss. Even now go back and look at their wedding scene, can let a person feel special romantic, particularly sweet, however, there are a lot of people think that Mr Chen because sorry failed to live up to li-ying zhao, began to shelling of Mr. Chen and michelle Chen, lead to both husband and wife in marriage in the past few years, no less was criticized by the net friend's opinion.

   I don't know where they see it from. They always say that Chen Xiao's eyes were relevant before she married Chen Michelle xi, but not long after she married Chen Michelle Xi, the light in her eyes has slowly disappeared, leaving only the old man smell of vicissitudes. Chen Xiao and Chen Have initially dismissed the comments, but as the public opinion has become louder and louder, Chen has responded to this question in an interview, "I always hear that Chen Xiao has no light in his eyes, is he Ultraman? There is light in my eyes, "he said with an expression of whether to laugh or cry. Indeed, after the man entered the marriage, would have been tired by life, but this does not represent the marriage life is not happy, the so-called light in the eyes, but also a reflection of the expression, and how can judge their feelings whether the standard of love?

 Chen yanxi

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