The people who are fascinated by Jackson Yee are looking at his personality

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  耀世平台编辑报道,First understand that he is 13 years for 14 years in a relative's house, when the relatives are watching their combination of variety, I will follow to watch, I to the words of three people, laugh with the most impressive, pear vortex boys later also has paid little attention, until they went to the quick, I saw the first phase I the whole people are stupid, that's not the last time the three boys? I was very seriously followed to see the end of that period of fast this, thousand xi jumped in the gun dance really directly was amazing! Then I began to understand their brother, was the most don't believe in all the four word, but I just like brother four word, like his pear vortex, composed atmosphere, through the darkest time let me more determined to enjoy his determination, now I insist on not wrong, proved he is really a very gentle boy, always remember those little details very carefully. And of course very talented!

   I believe most of the people who are fascinated by him are fascinated by his personality. His education is reflected in the respect for anyone, he carved in the bones of the gentle let me fall, he gave me a "silent" feeling, but also like a heavy hammer in your heart several hammer, echo. He silently under great pressure, whenever want to give up when thinking of the people who love him, he cheered up. We say he's tough and he's calm and he's good and he's reserved and he's like a man, but he's 20 years old. He's 20 years old. As the same age, I have a feeling that I watched him grow up, often joked with friends, I like Qianxi's mother fan. He was the pride of our peers, the peak I looked up to. When I see him, I casually think, which woman can match our thousand seals in the future, she is so lucky and happy.

 Jackson Yee

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