Yang Yang grew up in a very simple environment

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  耀世平台编辑报道,Yang Yang's comprehensive quality is very good, she grows up in a simple environment, and she works hard and values friendship. Currently, she is in the stage of being naturally dull and cute. Her acting is not stable, and there is still a long way to go. The appearance is not completely long, the thickness of the eyebrows and the eyes are not very match, need to shave the eyebrows, will appear more delicate, in the play, some makeup artists to him, but most of the time did not repair, just deepen the color, I do not know whether he does not like to shave the eyebrows, military background. In fact, I am more like a MAN, but now I have an endless and full-length appearance and little experience. My manliness has not come out yet, and it will come gradually in the future. Stage plays tend to develop the exploration space of actors' acting skills, which is beneficial to actors' long-term development. For example, many British drama actors in Harry Potter, and Hu Ge, for example, went back to the stage to hone their acting skills, and the depth and weight of their roles were completely different after they came back. Yang Yang's acting skills are still a long way from those above. His current role is still relatively few, the type of film and television is relatively single.

   So acting respect still needs groping, compare with above actor some exaggerated, nevertheless, appearance temperament is very good, see the hard degree after. I really like his boyish, obedient, upright feeling. In terms of acting, I can only say that he is a very hard working actor, and he is willing to try his best to figure out the role. He will be better in the future. After all, people who work hard will always be rewarded. Fans, also don't be too glass heart, thousands of people, no one can control other people's ideas, as long as he is willing to work hard, will make progress. I care about him. His acting is really good, as long as you watch it carefully will understand. Those who say his acting is not good are biased, think that good looks are eye candy. I like dancing more. I hope Yang Yang won't lose this skill and fill up her acting skills.

 Yang Yang

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