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  耀世平台编辑报道,The recent jay Chou, although the harvest of a happy love, but in the career aspect is not so smooth.As you know, jay Chou and commercialisation of ling after marriage, he ling gave jay gave birth to two children, and he ling close to raise their children at home, so let jay Chou to kun ling feelings true deepens.However, in the love aspect is very smooth, in the career aspect, jay can meet a lot of obstacles.

   Jay Chou's songs have been criticized by netizens, and they say, "jay will go farther and farther on the road of making clay songs, and he won't come back."According to understanding just know, jay Chou recently wrote a song, the song is called "do not love I will pull down, listen to the name very individualizing a song, but the inside of the lyrics are really dare not to compliment.One of the lyrics is "go to the chest muscle", maybe the lyrics are very good for boys, but for girls, how to open mouth.Subsequently, jay's fans may be good for jay Chou, to go to fang wenshan's micro blog to start to call fang wenshan.Some fans said: "please help jay Chou wrote lyrics", "teacher, you hurry back to work, such as jay Chou we almost don't he", "jay wenshan, if you don't come back, may pull all don't come back on earth song".Don't know, wenshan see these comments in the mind is how to think, but now that the new song, jay Chou is jay Chou may have their own ideas, small make up very like jay Chou's songs, especially the confession of the balloons, I believe that no matter what kind, jay Chou fans will as always support.

  Jay Chou

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