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  耀世平台编辑报道,In recent days, many TV series and variety show have jumped on the screen, many people are confused, do not know what to watch TV series or variety.It's just a matter of choosing which star you prefer to watch as a TV show or variety show.Don't know you is what feeling for Victoria song, small make up think anyway, Victoria song is a very hard female star, out to now, has been conscientiously act, not to gossip, and Victoria song looks all aspects are welcomed by a lot of people like.

   Victoria song some new TV series "the first love of love - chitose adults" also, in the hit is Victoria song and starring Huang Jingyu, although Victoria song is not a professional actor, and Victoria song and Huang Jingyu one kiss is NG for more than 20 times, many people have questioned vitoria acting, but from the details of the shooting can tell, Victoria song actually very seriously, has always been eye movements are in place, as long as careful watch trailers, can see come out."The first love of love - chitose adults" is mainly about a struggle girl's love story, and the story is very interesting, and Huang Jingyu as a hero, but also from the shuttle in one thousand foxes, and Victoria song to deduce a love.The performance of song qian and huang jingyu was very impressive, especially the sound of song qian, who scored a lot of points for song xi.Presumably the love of love - the first love for a thousand years old - should have high ratings.Although song qian is not a professional actress, her own efforts are well worth the affirmation of many people. She hopes that song xie will come on and present a better work for everyone.

 Song Qian

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