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  耀世平台编辑报道,Nowadays,a news on the internet that JYJ member Park YooChun parted friendly with Hwang Hana. Park YooChun, as we know, a singer, actor. He acted a TV series called Rooftop Prince which made he became famous.

   The reason for the split has not yet been confirmed but it has been reported that the two bid each farewell on a good note. Hwang Hana will continue to be a fan of YooChun and support him. The two were first spotted as an item back in 2017, while also announcing plans of marriage in September. But the news doesn’t come too big of a surprise to most people since Hwang Hana had already stated through her social media account saying she ‘has no plans of marriage’ while also returning a gift she received from Park YooChun back to him. Park YooChun will continue his activities as a member of JYJ, while a fan meeting is scheduled to take place this upcoming month of June.

 Park YooChun and Hwang Hana

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