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  耀世平台编辑报道,The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has forbidden one of China’s popular TV channels Mango TV from relaying the Eurovision song contest after it censored LGBT elements of the competition.

   Was criticized on social media for apparently blurring rainbow flags and censoring tattoos during Tuesday’s first semi-final. It also decided not to air performances by the Irish and Albanian entries. The EBU said the censorship was not in line with its values of diversity. Homosexuality was decriminalized in China more than two decades ago but conservative attitudes still prevail in many parts of the country.Some activists say there has been a recent effort to sideline the LGBT community. Last month Chinese social media network Sina Weibo backtracked from a controversial gay content ban after a massive outcry.In 2016 the Chinese authorities banned depictions of gay people on TV as part of a crackdown on "vulgar, immoral and unhealthy content". A number of Chinese gay dating apps have also been shut down.About the Voice of Homosexuality,a number of verified Weibo accounts shared still images of the censored performances;other Weibo users called for people to boycott Mango TV, and one user said they absolutely won’t be watching Mango TV next month. From the love, there are no differences. It is no matter with ones’ gender, age. They haven’t taken this lightly and I think it’s a move in the right direction .More than that, so many ups and downs plots in the episode was apparently censored by Mango TV.

 Mango TV

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