There is a true love

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  耀世平台报道,people to mess with. That image not hurting in this case. It is reported that the motor rider conveyed and escorted kids who were bullied by bastards.No one messing with sixth grader Phil Mick as he went to Dekalb, Indiana middle school on the back of a motorcycle escorted by more than 50 other bikers.Steve Rhodes from the Christian Motorcycle Association addressing the fellows before taking off: “Verse in the Bible that says we have got to put on the full armor of God. And when we go into battle and sometimes going to school is a battle for kids. And so I gave them that point because I want to remember that God is with him ,but also remember that you guys are with him’’.

  The bikers now planning a ride for suicide awareness and bullying next month.When we are youngster,we often noticed that “guhuozai” appeared in Hong Kong movies.For instance,“Young and Dangerous”,“God of Gamblers”and so on and so forth.It was the best of time, it was the worst of time. We believe that there is springing a harmonious society.


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