Song jia three brothers return

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  耀世平台报道,Recently, the song three brothers, who have been in the entertainment industry for a long time, finally appeared in the public eye. You may not be familiar with the song brothers, but if you were given a set of emojis, you would immediately recognize who they were. The song brothers are song Korean, song republic and song huorong. Although their popularity is not very high now, they were once popular figures. Now some of the emojis still quote them. The song brothers were once taken by their father to a variety show called "superman returns." In China, the popularity of this program may not be so high, but in South Korea, this program was famous in that year, they also took advantage of this opportunity to fire up, especially song republic of China, the lovely small expression really lovable many people. This was the most famous year, but after the shooting of the show, their father did not want to use it to hype.

  Just when they were expected to come back, their father really came out of the lake with three brothers. They were very thin and small. They were close behind their father. Although they are only six years old, they gradually have the feeling of long legs, and as the small short legs of song and the republic of China, that lovely mobile facial expression package, now more and more have the father's charm. After seeing it, netizens said: "this looks like their father, really look forward to them when they grow up."

 Song jia three brothers

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