Cui's daily routine is too exciting

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  耀世平台报道,Cui xuelie is a popular Korean entertainer in recent years. As a member of the f(x) women's team, her pure appearance attracted a large number of fans. As an artist affiliated to SM, cui is the most favored one. With good resources, cui has been given the first time. It can be said that she started higher than any other artist. However, as an adult, she quit the f(x) and started to fly the self's way. To put it bluntly, this is who she really is. Cui has been unable to stop her smoking and drinking, and she has been followed by all kinds of large-scale photos. However, she seems to ignore the public eye and abuse, and continue to do what she thinks is right, and continue to be herself.

  Many expressed disappointment and regret that such a promising future had ruined her. But in cui's eyes, these promising prospects are just a constraint on her. She wants to be free. She wants to care about worldly views. It seems that it is common for people to have a daily microblog to drink milk and have a meal. However, it is not the same thing that netizens spurned. Almost every weibo post of her has a lot of voices that people would not agree with, but it did not affect cui. Even netizens have compiled a statistic: which artist do you most want to send SNS in moderation? Can not buy, suli won the first place, in everyone's mind, anything suli hair has had an impact to them, whether it's normal or abnormal, netizens feel she did wrong, what hair of these things, there are some bad meaning, suli is such one seems to have been entrenched in their minds, no matter what will attract someone else's denial and anger.

 Cui xueli

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