Ben was sent to the temperance centre

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  耀世平台报道,Big Ben Ben Affleck's drinking problem has returned, and Jennifer Ghana, his ex-wife, who has not yet completed the divorce process, sent him to a rehabilitation center for the third time to try to stop drinking. Hollywood actor Ben Affleck, accompanied by former Jennifer Ghana, entered a rehabilitation center again on Wednesday (Wednesday) to try to stop drinking, foreign media reported recently. This is not the first time that Affleck has been rehabilitative, but third times. Ben Affleck chart In 2001, Daben, accompanied by his friend Charlie Sheen, entered a rehabilitation center for 30 days. In December 2017, Daben announced on his social networking site that he had received treatment again, and this time Daben knew how serious his condition was and he was willing to receive treatment. Foreign media TMZ reported the details of the process, and Ghana was told that it was wrong to see a large copy of beer and spirits taken from the courier's hands. Ghana visited Big Ben's home in Southern California twice that day, and when he left for the first time, Ghana shook his head as he walked, looking in a bad mood. Back at Daben, Ghana was accompanied by an unknown female friend, who drove Daben to a rehabilitation center in Malibu, where Ghana stayed for about an hour before driving home.

   People familiar with the matter said that in the past year, Affleck has been trying to maintain a sober abstinence. "Addiction is not an easy thing to get rid of, every day is a war." This time, under Garner's persuasion, Affleck was willing to undergo rehabilitation and knew he needed treatment. Other sources have suggested that before this, Affleck volunteered to attend a class at an institution devoted to "Buddhist ethics" and focused on healthy physical, mental and spiritual meditation. In the case of their divorce, Ghana was able to actively help him out on the basis of great considerations, showing that their relationship was still very harmonious. In March, Daben hoped Ghana would turn around and start marrying him again, without knowing whether the two would eventually be together. Apart from life problems, we will focus on the performing arts of the Big Ben. After last year's Alliance for Justice, there are plans for new Batman movies, exchange directed by friend Matt Damon, crime drama Witness for the Prosecution, Alliance for Justice 2, but these movies are still in the pipeline and the release date is uncertain.


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