Producer of "F & F" charged UP

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  耀世平台报道,On Oct. 18, Neal Moritz, a longtime producer of the "Fast & Furious" series, sued Universal Picture for "typical Hollywood greed" and "Universal's reputation for bad credit" when he was swept out of the Universal Picture's “ Hobbes and Shaw”. Treat one of their most successful producers like this, and you can't imagine how they would treat a less experienced producer. He thought that Universal Picture can treat one of their most successful filmmakers in such a bad way that it is impossible to imagine how they would treat less experienced filmmakers. Moritz demanded that Universal either acknowledge his status as the first producer in Hobbes and Shaw or pay tens of millions of dollars in compensation.

  What is the oral agreement between Universal Picture and Moritz? Moritz said he had been involved in the project since it was introduced last spring, when Universal Picture promised a "2 million fixed fee/6% first dollar gross dividend," and that Universal Pictures President Jimmy Horowitz and other executives had repeatedly promised him that the verbal agreement. But on August 6, Horowitz told Moritz's lawyers that they wanted to change the agreement and split the first dollar group into a break-even point. Moritz said it was the worst agreement he received in the series of "Fast & Furious" movies. He pointed out that Moritz was ready to fly to Britain to supervise the shooting of "Fast & Furious" . At present, Universal Picture has not responded to the matter. The case has just been submitted, and the time since the process has not been determined.

 Fast & Furious

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