The East Light were beaten by their producer

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  耀世平台报道,Kim Chang-hwan, a prominent South Korean music producer, has been accused of years of abusing and beating his company's idol group, The East Light. For which his brokerage has admitted that some staff members were violent against the East Light, but denied Kim Chang-hwan's involvement.The East Light has been abused since its debut in 2015, according to media reports. A producer of the company, A, has frequently attacked the East Light with equipment such as baseball bats, iron microphones and even a guitar string around the neck, in addition to common violent acts such as slapping, which caused member of The East Light to spend most of their time performing music activities with injuries. Kim Chang-hwan indulge in violence against A and sometimes join in violence against TheEastLight.

  Not only did he instruct A to beat the East Light members, but he personally abused the East Light in various insulting language. Perennial torture has caused physical and mental damage to TheEastLight members, and some have received psychotherapy. Recently, some members of the group have appointed lawyers and are prepared to take legal measures to protect themselves. The East Light's agent said the company recently learned that producer A had acted violently while directing The East Light. And they have reached a settlement with The EastLight members through dialogue. The media's claim that Kim Chang-hwan was involved in the violence against The East Light is not true, which can be confirmed by the company's surveillance video. Idols are not domestic animals. How can they be casually beaten?


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