"Birds of Prey" will be graded R-rated

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  耀世平台报道,On November 1, Yan Yuxi, a Chinese-American female director, confirmed that her new DC superhero film Birds of Prey" would be rated R. Yan Yuxi was the first Asian-American female director to direct a superhero blockbuster (after which Chinese director Zhao Ting also won Marvel's new film Eternal Clan). She talked about the film at the China-US Entertainment Summit. Besides disclosing the ratings, she also talked about how to win the position of director of the Hollywood blockbuster. Yan Yuqian said, "I did my homework."

  "I don't say it's easy to get the job, but the process is relatively painless and direct," she said. "I soon fell in love with the script and felt that it was something I could really shoot. It felt very much like my own heart. I can't put down the script, it has a lot of black humor - many of my works are like this, there are also some feminist themes in the script, very strong and resonant. " She said she had no experience in raising ideas with big studios, so she was well prepared to mention pitch and made a special video to illustrate her ideas. Unlike the usual sizzle reel, which cut a lot of material from other movies, it is "creating my own version of sizzle reel" When asked if Raptors had Oriental elements, Yan Yuxi said "yes or no." She revealed that the tone of Raptors was similar to her previous movies, and that there was an Asian character (Cassandra Cain was revealed earlier), and that Christina Hodson, a writer of half Chinese ancestry, was involved in some of them.

 Birds of Prey

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