Mickey copyright protection expires

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  耀世平台报道,On November 18, Mickey, the classic cartoon character of Disney, ushered in his 90th birthday. However, according to the U.S. Copyright Act passed in 1998, Mickey's copyright will expire in 2023, which means that Mickey, the Disney classic cartoon image accompanied by adults and children for decades, will lose the protection of copyright law.

  Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney in 1928. In order to prevent Mickey's copyright from expiring, Disney has lobbied Congress twice to amend the U.S. copyright law, and both have succeeded. The copyright protection period was initially 56 years under U.S. Copyright Law, but under the strong lobbying of Disney and other companies, Congress extended the copyright period of the company for 75 years after the publication of the works. In 1998, Disney again lobbied Congress to extend the company's copyright for the second time. In that case, five years later, anyone may have the right to use Mickey's image to produce goods or create works without paying Disney any royalties. But did Disney really lose the cash cow? The answer is not necessarily. According to the inquiry, the validity period of trademark registration in the United States is 10 years, which can be renewed at the expiration of the registration date, and the number of renewals is not limited, so it can be permanently valid. Therefore, if Mickey image applies for trademark protection at the same time, although it can not be authorized in accordance with copyright law after five years, it can also collect licensing fees based on trademark rights, which is also a considerable income.


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