Kazumasa Oda completes Japan Tour

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  耀世平台报道,According to Japanese media reports, the 71-year-old singerKazumasa Oda held an all-Japanese tour of "ENCORE!", which began in May. On Oct 31th, the final performance ended in Arena, the completion of the tour is full of emotion. He was filled with emotion at the completion of the tour.

  Oda held 48 tours in 21 venues and mobilized 400,000 spectators. He celebrated his 71st birthday in September, while he was still running on the stage with flowers and interacting with fans in the auditorium. The last performance lasted more than three hours, and Oda was singing 31 songs such as "Sudden Love" and "Going to Meet You." Except for the Osaka concert held on Jan. 8 and 9 next year due to the June earthquake, the tour was successfully completed. At the last performance, Oda was lamenting that he was old and said, "I was worried that I might not stick to the end, but I persevered." But in fact, Oda did a good job in health management. Every day, he did abdominal muscle training and other exercises. Before the performance, he persisted in the gym. In addition to the earthquake in northern Osaka this year, Japan has also suffered from natural disasters such as rainstorms and typhoons. Oda's tour has also been affected many times. At the last concert, he announced that he would hold additional performances next spring. He made an appointment with 12,000 fans to see him at that time and won applause from fans. A man who leaps over his age and chases his dreams deserves the respect of the whole world.

 Kazumasa Oda

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