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  耀世平台报道,Written and supervised by James Cameron, Robert Rodriguez's sci-fi action blockbuster Alita: The Angel of War will be released in China on February 22. Recently, Mike Cozens, director of animation and Eric Saindon, director of vision at Vita Studios, came to Beijing to share the behind-the-scenes production process of the visual effect blockbuster with fans in combination with film clips. As early as 2005, geeky director Gilmo Del Toro introduced the Mucheng Snowhouse cartoon "A Dream of the Ring" to James Cameron, but Cameron has been busy preparing for "Avatar 2". It wasn't until 2015 that Cameron found the most suitable candidate, Rodriguez, to take over as director and direct the film Alita. The film tells of a semi-mechanical maiden whose body was recovered by Dr. Ed, who named her Alita, in the coming 26th century. Alita, who lost her memory, accidentally found herself capable of fighting, grew rapidly in successive battles, and embarked on an adventure to explore the mystery of her life.

  When "Alita" first gave out the announcement, many netizens unanimously indicated that the heroine's eyes were too big and looked strange. The behind-the-scenes creators had tried different sizes, spacing and shapes of eyes, but with Cameron's insistence, Alita's eyes were later changed to larger sizes, but the proportion of iris was also increased, which seemed more natural. Even if Alita stood with the real actors, she would not feel awkward.


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