Matthew Lewis lost his wallet

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  耀世平台报道,British actor Matthew Lewis, who became famous for playing "Nevillon Barton" in Harry Potter, married his girlfriend who had been dating for almost two years in May 2018 and is still immersed in the sweetness of his new marriage. He recently revealed on Twitter that his wallet had been stolen, but he did not expect the thieves to return credit cards and cash. He only hoped that the other party could send back the small sign his wife gave him.

  Matthew Louis recently tweeted: "If you stole my wallet in East London yesterday, or if you just picked it up, it's yours, please keep it. You can take all the cash, cards and other things." The only thing he asked the other party to send back was a piece of iron, especially if it had his wife's words inscribed on it, so it was very precious to him.I don't care about property. All I want is a piece of steel from my wife, which shows Matthew Louis's love for each other. Matthew Louis and his wife Angela Jones were married in 2018, but their love story began in 2016 when he met Angela Jones, who was planning an event at Universal Studios in Orlando, when he promoted Harry Potter theme park, but the woman and he were married before they were together and did not get divorced until July of the same year. Then he fell in love, and within a year he proposed under the tower of Paris.

 Matthew Lewis

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