Carrie Underwood has a second child

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  耀世平台报道,Carrie Underwood, 35, has officially become the mother of two children. She gave birth to her second child on January 21, and the couple later decided to name the child Jacob. Underwood shared the latest family photos on personal social media with the text: "Jacob came to the world early Monday morning. His parents and brothers were extremely excited about the arrival of the child. Our hearts are full now. Our lives will change. How wonderful life is."

  The couple, who had a 3-year-old son, announced their pregnancy in a video posted on personal social media in August last year and said he was very happy to share the news with fans. Last September, the country superstar also told the media that she had miscarriages twice in the past three years: "2017 is not what I imagined. 2017 was supposed to be my year of music creation, but I was pregnant that year, but it was unsuccessful. I know that maybe it wasn't the right time, and I also tried to pull myself together and get through that difficult time. I got pregnant again in the spring of 2018, but I still didn't succeed, so I accepted it frankly at that time.” Sources said that Carrie's family were overjoyed at the birth of the baby: "This baby is a challenging year for Carrie to start a new life, and Mike is very excited because he has always wanted another child."

 Carrie Underwood

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