“Deadpool 2”was shown in China

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  耀世平台报道,As the first film series "Deadpool" landing in the mainland, "Deadpool 2: I Love My Home" will be officially released in national cinemas on January 25. On January 24, IMAX held an advance film viewing party in Shanghai, which enabled Shanghai audiences to take the lead in seeing Manwei's first lovely style in cinemas.

  For many fans who have been waiting for death attendants for a long time, it is undoubtedly a ritual pleasure to meet them on the big screen beforehand. What is worth mentioning is that the newly upgraded "Deadpool2" has added more than 30 minutes of new lens. As the first serving gun of the first gun, the character of the dead man is still unchanged. Not only that, the protagonist also led five groups of friends back, strength deduces the hardest core of the British New Year celebration. In addition, the film maintained the style of the egg maniac. The film is buried everywhere, and the audience even more joked about it as "egg-based eggs". The audience said that "all the eggs are hard to blink, to brush three or five times, the eggs can be counted out." The new eggs at the end of the film became the biggest surprise in the eyes of the audience. The audience who was still excited after stepping out of the cinema said, "We must see the film at the end. You've been laughing, but at the end you'll cry out uncontrollably.”


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