Anne Hathaway quits drinking

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  耀世平台报道,Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway married her boyfriend Adam Shulman for four years in 2012 and gave birth to her baby son in 2016. In a recent interview, Anne Hathaway revealed her determination to give up drinking habits for 18 years, all for her 2-year-old son.

  Anne Hathaway recently appeared on the "Allen Show" for an interview. She usually has a low-key style. This time, she met Ellen DeGeneres, a good friend and host, who rarely talked about family matters. She said she had stopped drinking in October last year and had not been drinking for four months so far, which shows her great determination. Her biggest motivation for abstinence came from her son Jonathan, who explained, "I don't want to drink in front of my son because I don't like hangovers in front of him, and he's getting to the age where he needs me every morning." Later, Anne Hathaway mentioned that she once got up in the morning to take her children to school. She didn't drive because her child was in a hangover. That's when she decided to quit drinking. "I really can't get myself well under a hangover and take care of a child at the same time." Maternal love is really a magic thing. Many mothers do things they would not have done for their children. In maternal love, Hollywood stars are the same.

 Anne Hathaway

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