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  耀世平台报道,Tsinghua is a university everyone wants to go to. Nowadays, a 3D-printed version of a 2nd gate at Tsinghua University is now appearing on the school's 2018 admission letter. This art work, made by faculty and students atTsinghua, contains more than 30 components and hundred interlocking structures createdusing laser cutting technology. As the candidate opens the package, the sculpture pops out from the page.

  The Old Gate conveys its elegance and solemnity throughout history, and also carry other meanings in the new era: inspiration and wisdom, youth and the future. When you cross the Old Gate in August, a new world will emerge in front of you, and a brand-new Tsinghua awaits your discovery and creation. The Old Gate, therefore, is no longer just a gate; but a turning point, a milestone, and the beginning of adult life for these new undergraduates.

 acceptance letter

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