Du Haitao and Wu Xin are funny

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  耀世平台报道,In order to make complaints about the program, the host can know how to spell it. The happy family knows it. Everyone has performed a MV in the variety show of the latest happy family. We must say that the theme of this show is still very new. However, everyone's modeling of the happy family is being praised by everyone, especially Wu Xin and Du. Haitao, even Mr. He Jiong, tweeted that the program group was trying to integrate them. Although I'm joking, it's ridiculous to see the shapes of Du Haitao and Wu Xin. Du Haitao put on a white suit and a long hair set this time, which changed his whole temperament, even looked like Wu Xin's grandma, and Wu Xin put on a white skirt this time.

  But this shape is too rigid, the whole person does not look as beautiful as before. In order to achieve the effect of the program, the two hosts really put together, regardless of their own image. In the variety show, although these two people are not funny, they also bring a lot of joy to everyone. Especially in the past few years, Wu Xin is not often concerned by everyone, and even many fans are saying that Wu Xin offends the program group? How can there be so few shots? However, the continuous growth of new strength in recent years has also made many people begin to pay attention to this little girl. After he came back, everyone slowly began to care about Wu Xin's performance in the program. I wonder whether these two hosts will have a deep shadow after seeing their own disguises?

 DU Haitao and Wuxin

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