"Tool man" Huang Xiaoming

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  耀世平台报道,Recently, Huang Xiaoming has been very active in front of you. Many people's evaluation of Huang Xiaoming has gradually increased. How much influence can one of his works bring to the stars? Just look at Huang Xiaoming. This performance of Huang Xiaoming's strength has greatly changed everyone's attitude towards Huang Xiaoming. However, in the recent period, due to the epidemic situation, Huang Xiaoming's TV series can't meet with you after being broadcast. He can only meet you through live broadcast. However, Huang Xiaoming in the live broadcast was said to have gained weight by many people. It has to be said that this epidemic situation is really fattening. Many people eat meat at home. However, just after everyone said that he was fat, Huang Xiaoming sent out a photo in his microblog.

  In the picture, Huang Xiaoming took a picture in front of a pile of delicious food. Do you think Huang Xiaoming ate all the seafood at this table? Then you are wrong. If you look at his essay, you can feel Huang Xiaoming's pity and despair at that time. After taking this picture, Huang Xiaoming's staff will let him go back to take a nap. All the delicious food at this table is out of touch with him. He is completely used as a tool man and lost after taking the picture. Although Huang Xiaoming looks pitiful, he has no choice but to listen to the staff in order to look better in the future. But the fans are really bad. After seeing Huang Xiaoming's hair, they came to say that the high protein seafood at this table is not fat. Huang Xiaoming was fooled by the staff.

 Huang Xiaoming

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