Bai Baihe as a national goddess, so how many people are difficult to flat?

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  耀世平台报道,Speaking of Bai Baihe, always let people feel extremely sorry for her marriage, originally Bai Baihe is also a very excellent actress in the entertainment circle, most of the films and television works are very classic, each role played by the portrayal of profound, harvested countless loyal fans. Not only that, Bai Baihe's appearance in the entertainment industry is also extremely recognizable, her figure is quite good, giving people the feeling that she is lucky to be rewarded with food from heaven. But I never expected that such a goddess who is so excellent in every aspect, unexpectedly still divorced, really let a person feel pity! Regardless of the right and wrong of that marriage, as a divorced woman, now bai Baihe gives people the feeling is really not as good as before, and the popularity has declined a lot, it is difficult to make people happy.

  But one thing is undeniable, now has 40, white best, still no change in appearance and temperament, some time ago to attend the event, four dressed in a pink dress, even though there have been 40 years old, but the white best what is at the scene of the activity showed that were stunned by her beauty. Say years is a knife to kill a pig, did not expect to leave such a beautiful trace on her body, completely without the appearance of ravaged by years, much is the beauty after years immersion instead, such a beauty who see not confused ah? But as an actress, you still have to study your work and acting skills to make yourself invincible. In this hope white lily can encounter a true will she put on the heart of the man, repair her before a paragraph of marriage left regret, see now white 100 he, do not know you have what different view?

 Bai baihe

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