Hand slippery elder sister Zhao Lusi, gossip than works also famous!

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  耀世平台报道,Celebrities in the entertainment industry are all public figures, and their every move will be exposed to people's eyes. In order to establish a good person, most of them are very careful about what they post on social media platforms, but this does not include Zhao Lu Si. If you have learned about conferring thought, are likely to know she is in addition to the first two years of the screen on the goddess, or real hand slip one elder sister, thumb up several times about the other stars black material, but after the second delete, and give an excuse is account stolen or hand slide, naturally became what is called the hand slip one elder sister, and was known as green tea. More incredible is, than some of her works, she is more famous for those gossip in the entertainment industry, really is a black and red traffic floret.

  Even so, Zhao is still very popular in the entertainment industry, despite some awkward works, acting just like that, but still has numerous fans. And the reason is also very simple, once as the net red Zhao Lu Si, in catch netizen heart aspect or do quite good, always can use all kinds of funny behavior to attract fans. But one thing is undeniable, if conferring, really want to stay in the show business, it can't just rely on strange accent and some wacky expressions to ones, in the dictionary, there is a word called "aesthetic fatigue", after a long period of time, people will only feel, conferring the kinds of behavior, like a buffoon. So I still hope she can study more in their own acting, do not always rely on some baffling accent to go out of the circle, so it can be in the entertainment circle for a long time, do not know you pick Zhao Lu Si?

 Zhao lusi

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