Bian Boxian he is too transparent, not lost is a very good person

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  耀世平台报道,They are an era. As children of that era, we should know more about them. It feels like he was born to be on the stage, which is why he is called genius Love Bean. I'm an EXO team fan now. One of the things that impressed Bo-Yin is that the host of the Natural Republic meeting once asked EXO what facial mask he used to take care of his skin. Because my skin is sensitive at ordinary times, I usually use the aloe gel of nature Park on my face, which has a very good calming effect.

  Then think the answer is really very high eq answer, both good answer questions on the host, the fans don't blind to buy those so-called love bean recommended mask (after all natural park of the mask you used the in the mind have points), really, in use is just saw another respondents answer: know how to run his. He is able to find a good balance between trying his best to satisfy the fans' wishes while still sticking to himself as much as possible. He is too transparent to lose himself, and he really thinks Boxian is a good person. In fact, I found that he is not a happy man in the traditional sense, but different from Chanyeol, I think he is a pure and pure joy. You will find that no matter where chanyeol goes, other kinds of entertainment can be quickly integrated into him. But Boxian is not, from fast this can be seen, it is possible that he is not familiar with his place, will be more cautious, less said less wrong type. But when he's in familiar places, like with the group, he's very comfortable.

 Bian Boxia

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