Yang Zi in the drama female psychologist, male main li is her recommendation

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  耀世平台报道,First of all, the people Yang zi sent birthday wishes to on her micro blog alone were all friends she had known for years. Yang Zi these two years after the flow of large, micro blog are more cautious. She can also continue to give Li Is a separate micro-blog blessing, prove to get along with very magnanimous, private relationship is good. Li Xian is not a special one. I guess she's sending a signal to fans that there's no big friction between the teams. However, if the other fans are persistent, I believe she will not bless again next year, she is not stupid. I mean, they have to put the old best friend label on their heads, because best friend, best old classmate is the word they use. Yang zi's blessing to Li Xian is not only for you fans, but also for fans like me. That means they are good friends again for us.

  It doesn't matter if Li xian is Yang Zi's first single weibo greeting, at least for now, li Xian's treatment is similar to that of other longtime friends. I like Yang Zi, and I hope she has more and more friends and a wider network of contacts, so that her birthday can be noisy every year. I will see it next year. I also said Yang Zi is not stupid, she has her own considerations. Finally, I think fans are fans, and there are absolutely no friends. But friendship can exist between stars. Remember Yang Zi in the drama female psychologist, male is her recommendation. They worked together in the early years and got on well with each other. Yang Zi thought of him when she met a suitable script. Isn't that a social interaction? So is Li Xian. I remember that he shot medical examiner Qin Ming because Zhang Ruoyun recommended him, because the two of them had cooperated in the movies before, including his river God, which was also recommended by his classmates in Nortel.

 Yang Zi

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