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  耀世平台报道,It is well-known that Li Na has given birth to two children. Li. her power as a symbol of success in China. On the court, two Chinese players inspired by Li; Off-court, Li is still earning between $15 to $20 million annually through endorsement Li, 36, has retained almost all her sponsors Nike from during her playing career and so on. To improve herself and to meet different people and things., Li is bolstering her own business bona fides by studying for an M.B.A. at a university in Beijing, Li never considered returning to tour as a mother as Williams has.

  She loves her families so it’s very tough to find the balance between family and tennis. Before they’d see that women would stay inthe home and maybe have a nice job. But now, the Chinese women are more confident,so many women don’t marry, because they think that means sharing with men, and they just want to be themselves. They want to have their own personality.Li’s own story will reach to a wider audience soon, because her autobiography, They should learn happiness, confidence and control. Li’s influence on Chinese youth has already been massive, with countless young players inspired to try.And part of her influence has been making women see themselves more as individuals who can be successful on their own efforts. When you are young, and you see something you like, there is no reason .So just like,just go for it.

 Li Na

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