Network drama producers chase salaries

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  耀世平台报道,The first actor in the recent sohu video hit cop drama "forensic scientist qin Ming" starred by ju yun, a Beijing native and a veritable second-generation rich in the entertainment industry. His father is a well-known writer, producer and director, not only involved in the film and television industry, but also engaged in real estate. His grandfather was even more powerful, a famous architect geologist. Such families have to be envied. Filming continued for the second film, and the hero was replaced by liu dongqin, which caused a lot of heated discussions on the Internet among friends who follow the drama. Some jokes also expressed expectations. It sounds even more interesting that the leading lady is sasha. Everyone must have seen her in the funny film.

  Not to disappoint everyone's expectations, from now on, the response is still good. However, with the rise of heat, it is inevitable to attract some public opinion. According to one report, a writer named cancan set up a team to film herself as a guide to catch up on her salary and claimed to be one of the writers of the medical examiner qin minger. He was treated unfairly, in arrears of wages, in kickbacks and without his name. He also said that not only his own name was taken, but many people's names were taken. As soon as the news was published, it was greeted with a rebuttal from a lengthy article by producer lynne. She also told those who reported the news that they would write a letter to a person named cancan in public and reserve the right to Sue her. It also states that the news has had many negative effects. In any case, we're clear.


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